Flu Clinics 2020


For those age 18 to 64 in “at risk” groups we are running two Saturday morning clinics for all eligible patients :

  • Saturday 3rd October
  • Saturday 31st October

Please see the NHS Inform web site for a list of conditions that would entitle you to a flu vaccination in this age group.

Patients in other age groups :

  • Under 13 : Children under the age of 13 will be vaccinated through the school team
  • 13 to 18 : For those patients eligible age 13-18 years of age, letters have been sent as to how to arrange a vaccination
  • 65 and above : For patients age 65 and above, the Health Board will be in contact in due course to advise on dates and locations of vaccination clinic

Q. How do I book my appointment at the Flu Clinic?

We will contact you. If you are age 18 to 64 and in an “at risk” group the practice will phone you to organize a time for your flu vaccine on one of the above dates. Please let us know if you do not wish to have a vaccine when we call.

Q. What happens when l attend the clinic?

On the day of your appointment please attend the surgery a few minutes before your allocated time. The injection is given to your upper arm. Please make sure you are wearing either a short sleeve top or loose fitting jumper under your jacket to allow access to this area.

If you are unwell on the day of your appointment, please do not attend and advise the surgery the following Monday so we can arrange another appointment.

Person wearing face maskPlease wear a face covering and ensure social distancing from others.

Arriving at the practice :

The main reception at the Kirkintilloch Health and Care Centre will be closed, so attend at the side entrance (to the Left of the sliding doors). Please use the hand sanitizer on entering the building.

When you attend the practice, you will be greeted by a member of staff who will confirm your name and appointment time.

You and others who have the same appointment time will be directed to the reception desk (please remember to continue to socially distance) and advised to stand in a numbered space in the waiting room. The number of your space is the number of the room you will attend for your vaccine.

About your appointment : 

At your appointment time, a member staff will direct you to attend for your vaccination. You must go to the room number you were allocated.

Please remove your jacket and take all your belongings from the waiting area. To reduce the risk of infection, there will be a one way system in the practice and you will not be allowed to return to the waiting room after leaving.

On entering the clinical room, please ensure you have rolled up any long sleeved tops. The clinician will confirm your name, date of birth and check that you are well and have no temperature. They will then administer the vaccine. After your appointment you will be directed out of the practice via the fire door by a member of staff. Please make sure you leave the premise promptly after your vaccine to avoid crowding outside the practice.

Q. Can l bring my family with me to the appointment?

No. Please attend the clinic alone. We anticipate the clinic will be very busy and we are trying to maintain social distancing to ensure safety for both patients and staff.

Q. What happens if l feel unwell after my vaccine?

Please let us know immediately if you feel unwell after your vaccine, so we can take you to a private area to recover and monitor you.

Q. Can l speak to the doctor or nurse about another matter when l attend?

No, this will not be possible as flu vaccine appointments are only 5 minutes long. If you wish to speak to the doctor or nurse about another matter, please contact the surgery during normal working hours.

Q. What if l am late for my appointment?

If you are late, please speak to a member of staff when you attend.                          

Q. What if l am ill on the morning of my Flu vaccine?

Please do not attend for your vaccine if you are unwell. Contact the practice and we can organize another date for your vaccine.

Q. I don’t want to have the vaccine done.

Please let us know if you do not wish the flu vaccine when we call you to book an appointment.

Q. Can l just turn up at the clinic for vaccine without appointment?

No. You should only attend the surgery if you have a confirmed appointment.

Q. Where can I find out more information about the flu immunisation programme in my area?

Please see the document (PDF) linked to below : 


For further information about the flu vaccine