NHS Breast Screening at Leisure Centre, Kirkintilloch

Over the coming weeks, women age 50 – 70 who are registered with this GP practice, will receive an invitation letter in the post inviting them to attend a routine breast screening check on a Mobile Unit at the following location:

Kirkintilloch Leisure Centre
Woodhead Park
G66 3DD

When you receive your letter, please contact the Breast Screening Service on 0141 800 8800 to confirm/change/cancel your appointment. Our staff will be able to answer any questions you may have. If you are able to attend your appointment it’s important to do so. Screening can find early signs of cancer and allows us to provide referral and treatment if necessary.

For more information about The Breast Screening Service and the Screening Test please visit the following links:-

Information in this article has been provided by : 

West of Scotland Breast Screening Service
Stock Exchange Court, 77 Nelson Mandela Place,
Glasgow, G2 1QT
Tel: 0141 800 8800