Travel Advice and Holiday Vaccinations

Important Information
Due to the current pandemic this service is currently suspended. Private travel clinics are available should you require this service.

Only the under noted vaccines are available on NHS Prescriptions:-

  • Hepatitis A
  • Typhoid
  • Diphtheria
  • Tetanus
  • Polio

Advice on Malaria will be given.

Immunisation against infectious Hepatitis (Hepatitis A) is available free of charge on the NHS in connection with travel abroad. However Hepatitis B is not routinely available free of charge and therefore you may be charged for this vaccination when requested in connection with travel abroad

If you wish a Travel Advice appointment please attend the Practice and request a Travel Advice Form (or download here). When completed this must be handed into the Practice reception desk, by yourself, (Posted or e-mailed forms are not accepted as your travel advice appointment is issued to you by the reception staff at the time you present your completed form).

This form must be completed as fully as possible and you must include a daytime contact telephone number so that the Practice Nurse or Doctor can contact you if they encounter any problems with your form.

The Travel advice appointments are only issued when we have received a completed form, once this has been received, you will be given a date by the receptionist to collect your prescription for your vaccines, and advised how to arrange to have your vaccination administered by the Nurse.

If you are unable to wait for our next available travel advice appointment, as advised by the reception staff, then you can attend any Private Travel Clinic (you can obtain these numbers in the Yellow Pages see link below,i.e. type in “travel clinic” then “Glasgow”, to display a list of clinics) charges will apply at these clinics.

Fit for Travel

If you wish further information before you travel please click the link for Fit For Travel where further information can be obtained relating to your holiday/travel destination.

Vaccination History

Information concerning your vaccination history can only be issued by the Practice Nurse or Doctor. Reception staff are not qualified to release this information to you. As your vaccination status is very important, your records require to be checked by a clinician. To obtain your vaccination history please submit this request in writing to the Practice Nurse. Please allow at least seven working days for your reply, there is a £10.00 charge for this service, please enclose your payment with your request.

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