Update to Pharmacy First Service for UTIs

From September 2022,  all non-pregnant females, assigned as female at birth who have not had any reassignment procedures, aged 16 years and over can receive treatment from Pharmacy First for Urinary Tract Infection.

This includes females over the age of 65, diabetic patients and those with blood in the urine. Those women who are breast feeding or have had their symptoms over 7 days can also be treated by Pharmacy. This is a change in the service delivered from Pharmacies and means that more non-pregnant female patients can be treated without contacting the practice. 

If you are pregnant, under 16 years of age, male or have had a recent infection (within the last 3months), you will still need to contact the practice. If you are unwell with your symptoms, such as vomiting, back pain, then you will be directed to contact the practice for care.

Our reception staff will be signposting patients who can be treated by Pharmacy First to this excellent improved service.