In Memory of Catherine Campbell

Cathy’s convoy AKA Woodhead Medical Practice are taking on the challenge of virtually walking from Lands End to John O’Groats to raise money for Beatson Cancer Care.

Our lovely friend passed away on the 8th of February from lung cancer this year and we miss her everyday.

Although she was not a huge fan of exercise she did love  walking if it was to go out shopping or for dinner and drinks.

Catherine Campbell
Catherine Campbell

Service Disruption

GPs, nurses and receptionists from Woodhead Medical Practice are assisting the government of the rollout of the COVID vaccination programme. Because of this there will be less appointments available for GPs and nurses over the coming weeks. 

Thank you for your patience and please only contact the surgery if you believe your health concern cannot wait.

Homeopathic Prescriptions

Homeopathy isn’t widely available on the NHS. In 2017, NHS England recommended that GPs and other prescribers should stop providing it. This is because they found “no clear or robust evidence to support the use of homeopathy on the NHS”.

Report : Clinical evidence for homeopathy (PDF)

Homeopathy is usually practised privately, and homeopathic remedies are available from pharmacies.

There is still the Centre for Integrative Care in Glasgow (based in Gartnavel – formerly known as the Homeopathic hospital) and when a patient receives a consultation there, an integrative care assessment takes place and following this they may or may not receive a recommendation for homeopathic treatment.

The GPs at this practice have taken the decision in line with NHS England and many practices in Scotland that they will no longer be issuing prescriptions for any homeopathic medications, even if they are recommended by the Centre for Integrative Care (CIC).  These prescriptions can be purchased privately or obtained from the Gartnavel pharmacy on site at the CIC.

Important Information

You can request to be referred to the Centre for Integrative Care (CIC), but please not that we will not be able to provide you with any prescriptions that the CIC may recommend. 

Important Information for Patients

Important Information

Due to recent increase in COVID-19 cases locally we have had to make further changes to how the surgery operates in order to help protect both patients and staff. This includes :

Attending the practice

  • Do not come to the practice if you have any of the COVID-19 symptoms 
  • You must only attend the practice if you spoken to a member of staff first and have been asked to attend
  • If you have an appointment you should plan to arrive just in time for your appointment starting. This is to limit the number of people in our waiting room
  • You must wear a face covering
  • When you arrive at the practice you should press the buzzer or phone reception from your mobile (0141 776 2468). Give your name and purpose of your visit. A member of staff will allow you access to the building after checking your temperature. Please remember to maintain your distance
  • We have a one way system in place 
    • Entry to the practice is now via the side door (to the left of the main sliding doors at the entrance Kirkintilloch Health Care Centre)
    • When exiting the practice you will be sign posted to use the fire exit directly in to the car park

Abusive Behaviour

Unfortunately our staff have experienced a significant increase in the amount of aggressive behaviour towards them during phone calls with patients. This will not be tolerated and as such staff have a right to end a call. Patients may also be removed from our list. 


  • All prescriptions will be sent to your nominated pharmacy
  • Please remember that all prescription requests will take 2 workings days to process. Please make sure you order your prescriptions in time to allow for this

Fit Notes

  • You can choose to either collect these from the door in to the practice, or have them posted to you

You can find out more about the changes we have had to make by visiting the page below

Coronavirus COVID-19 Information

Covid-19 Vaccine Update

covid vaccine

Update- 18.01.21

As you will be aware from media, there are issues with vaccine delivery to General Practice. As soon as vaccine supplies are available locally we will be in contact with eligible patients.

Please avoid calling the practice with any general queries about the COVID-19 vaccine as we are unable to give you any more information at this stage and we need to try and keep phone-lines open for people who are unwell and needing medical care.

If you have a general query about the COVID-19 vaccine, please look on the NHS Inform website or use the national helpline 0800 030 8013 (which is open from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week).

Vaccine rollout to the general public, based on age and underlying health conditions, will start as soon as possible, and will depend on vaccine supply. This is likely to be at the start of the new year so please look out for a letter and a leaflet arriving in the post which will invite you to make an appointment for your vaccine. The first group to receive this will be the over 80s.

Many thanks for your ongoing patience and cooperation.

NHS Inform vaccine information :

Brexit and Medications

Brexit & medicines

We have been informed by the Chief Medical Officer that preparations have been made by the Government to reduce the risk to the supply of medicines, medical devices and clinical consumables at the end of the EU Transition Period.

Medicines and other medical supplies will be given priority for entry into the UK as ‘category 1’ goods.

GP practices, community pharmacies, hospitals, social care providers and members of the public should not stockpile. Prescriptions will be issued as normal. Shortages are a regular occurrence and the NHS has strengthened the systems used to manage the situation. 

There is no need for you to do anything different. 

Open Flu Clinics – Age 60 to 64

Open Flu Clinics for age 60-64 year group on Sunday 6th December at Kirkintilloch TownHall 

Open flu vaccination clinics are running for patients aged 60 to 64 (or born before 31st March 1961) who have not yet had a flu vaccine. Please attend Kirkintilloch Town Hall on Sunday 6th December between 1 and 430pm.  

All patients will receive a Scottish Government letter inviting them to attend however it has been confirmed to the Flu Planning team that these letters will not go out until Wednesday this week and as such may not be received in time for the first clinics. 

Although the clinics are running on a drop in basis each practice has been given a preferred time slot to advise patients of in order to help manage attendance throughout the weekend. 

You should not attend unless you have received either :

  1. a letter from the government OR
  2. a text message from Woodhead Medical Practice

Car Park Management

Car Park Barrier

From November 2020 there will be a change in how the Health and Social Care Partnership manage their car parks around the Kirkintilloch Health and Care Centre. This has been put in place to safely manage the demand on car parking spaces to ensure that service users, visitors and staff have access to dedicated parking areas when attending the centre.  Service users and visitors will now have access to the car park at the front of the building which has been earmarked for those attending the centre for clinics / appointments and for business with the HSCP. Entry will be through a barrier system which will lift up when entering the car park. A code will be required to exit the car park. This code will be provided to service users / visitors at either reception or by the service they are visiting and the number will be changed regularly

Further information 

  • A fob will be required to enter the staff and pooled car areas.
  • For deliveries, taxies and couriers, there will be an intercom system on the barrier so that the receptionist can allow them access to the car park.
  • The Health and Social Care Partnership are aware that local residents may use our car park out with normal working hours, however please note that the car park is for use of service users, visitors and staff only. The code will change on a weekly basis. We would be grateful therefore if residents did not park in the controlled entry car park area as they will not be able to exit this area without the most recent code.

Twechar Satellite Surgery Consultation

Twechar Healthy Living Centre

*** Consultation Period has now closed ***


As you may already be aware, Woodhead Medical Practice consults from two locations, our main site at Kirkintilloch and our satellite surgery at Twechar on a Wednesday morning.

The Practice is currently seeking permission from NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde to consolidate service provision to its Kirkintilloch premises.  This would require the removal of our Wednesday morning surgery from Twechar. All Twechar patients would continue to receive medical care from the surgery in Kirkintilloch. There are no plans to withdraw GP services from patients in the Twechar area or remove any patients from our practice list. The proposal is to have our service located wholly in Kirkintilloch, where a full range of health care services are available. At present, all Twechar patients need to attend the Kirkintilloch surgery for many conditions, such as chronic disease reviews, blood taking, wound review, ear syringing, cervical smears and minor surgery as we cannot provide these services from Twechar as the premises are not suitable.

On reviewing reasons why patients had attended the Twechar surgery, we noted that 75% of patients who had been seen there could have been managed by telephone or video appointments with a doctor, and avoided the need to have to attend the surgery. Many problems can be dealt with by telephone or video consultation, therefore reducing the need for a face to face appointment.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have had to suspend services at the Twechar surgery in the meantime in line with current guidance.

In order to assist in the wide ranging consultation process that is required prior to such a decision being approved, the Practice has been asked to undertake a survey of those patients who currently attend at Twechar. Patients who are resident in Twechar have already been sent a questionnaire which they have been asked to complete and return as part of the consultation process. The consultation process will close on Monday 24th August 2020

The consultation process will also include the local MP, MSP, Councillors, Public Participation Groups and Local Community Groups.

If you have any queries about the closure of our satellite surgery, please direct them to Mrs Pauline Wilmoth, Practice Manager.

*** Consultation Period has now closed ***

Zero Tolerance

zero tolerance

We have unfortunately witnessed a sharp rise a verbal aggression and abuse toward our staff in recent weeks.

This is entirely unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.

Our staff are PEOPLE too, and are doing their best to help you despite working under extreme pressure.

Please be PATIENT while we try to maintain a safe service within our much loved but severely under-resourced NHS.

You can read more about this on our policy page.

Thank you.