Car Park Management

From November 2020 there will be a change in how the Health and Social Care Partnership manage their car parks around the Kirkintilloch Health and Care Centre. This has been put in place to safely manage the demand on car parking spaces to ensure that service users, visitors and staff have access to dedicated parking areas when attending the centre.  Service users and visitors will now have access to the car park at the front of the building which has been earmarked for those attending the centre for clinics / appointments and for business with the HSCP. Entry will be through a barrier system which will lift up when entering the car park. A code will be required to exit the car park. This code will be provided to service users / visitors at either reception or by the service they are visiting and the number will be changed regularly

Further information 

  • A fob will be required to enter the staff and pooled car areas.
  • For deliveries, taxies and couriers, there will be an intercom system on the barrier so that the receptionist can allow them access to the car park.
  • The Health and Social Care Partnership are aware that local residents may use our car park out with normal working hours, however please note that the car park is for use of service users, visitors and staff only. The code will change on a weekly basis. We would be grateful therefore if residents did not park in the controlled entry car park area as they will not be able to exit this area without the most recent code.